1. Required details for Replacement/ Return/ Warranty Support:

1.1 Physical Issue with the Device

a) Product received is damaged/ defective: Provide unboxing video and photos if the product received is in defective condition or wrong product is received. For the reason, it is advised to always create an unboxing video while opening the parcel.

b) For other physical issues: Please provide clear photos and video, depicting that the product received is having a physical issue like more scratches or dent, etc., true tone not working, keys not working, etc.

1.2 Battery Drain issue

a) In iPhones: More than 3% when taking 500 photos in burst mode,

b) In Samsung & Other Phones: More than 4% when taking 500 photos, then there may be a battery issue, and accordingly, we may resolve the issue.

1.3 Other required information

a) IMEI details and 'About Phone' screenshot containing Device Model Details

b) Apple ID and Passcode/ Pattern Lock – Either delete/ remove from the device before handover or else, required passcode etc. need to be provided.

1.4 Please Keep in Mind

a) To Backup all Data/ Wipe Off Data before handing over the phone.

b) In case no fault is found in the phone as mentioned, then the customer shall be liable to bear transportation cost (On Actual Basis) and handling cost (Up to 10% of Device Price).

2. Warranty Terms

Warranty on every product covers any functional issue(s) or defect(s).
2.1 Warranty Conditions

a) To claim the warranty services, the customer needs to provide the original invoice and IMEI number.

b) Refurbzoo may use new, refurbished, or reconditioned parts when carrying out the repairs.

c) Warranty does not cover defects caused by the short circuit of the battery, using a duplicate or non-original charger; normal wear and tear.

d) The customer will be invoiced for spare part(s) and/or workmanship/labour charges that are not covered under warranty.

2.2 Warranty Violation

a) Warranty claims may be denied if the original invoice is not provided or if it is altered in some way or made illegal.

b) Warranty will be denied if IMEI is removed or defaced or altered or does not match Refurbzoo database.

c) Warranty may not apply if the product has been subjected to unauthorized opening, repair, modifications, physical damage/ breakage, water damage, exposure to environmental factors like temperature, moisture or dust, etc.

d) Defects caused by factors beyond control like lightning, abnormal voltage, acts of God, or issues occurring during transit to a service center or the customer’s residence, may not be covered.

3. Replacement

Customers can request a replacement within 7 days from the date of delivery.

3.1 Replacement Conditions

a) Physical damage: If the product is received in physically damaged at the time of receipt of the order.

b) Missing parts or accessories: If the order is received with missing parts or accessories.

c) Wrong Item: If the product received is different from the ordered one.

d) Defective or not working: If the product received is defective or not working properly. You are required to provide sufficient evidence(s) to claim the replacement. It may include unboxing video(s) and photo(s) of the product or defect proof.

4. Return

We provide 7 Days Replacement and 1 Year Warranty to cover up, if there is any issue with the device. However, we don’t accept any returns merely for the change of mind. However, still, in exceptional cases, if a return request needs to be processed, the same shall be subject to a deduction of 10% - 20%, (Not Exceeding 250 AED). Deduction is made to recover freight charges, handling and operational cost, packaging cost, etc. In any case, the return cannot be initiated after 1 month of delivery of the order.

5. Estimated timeline for Warranty/ Replacement/ Refund 

We always try to resolve all customer claims as soon as possible. However, any warranty/ replacement/ refund claims may take up to 10 working days to resolve the same. Please note the time taken by logistics in picking up the phone and returning back from our location is excluded from the said timeline.

Warranty/ Replacement Form

6. Support Contact Details

In case of any doubt or query related to Warranty & Replacement, please E-mail us at support@refurbzoo.ae. Support team is available between 10:30 AM to 05:30 PM (Monday to Friday)