5 Common Phone Problems And How To Fix Them

by Pia Kalwani on Nov 06, 2023

5 Common Phone Problems And How To Fix Them

Watching our phones not working properly is the biggest fear these days. Suddenly, our entire world stops moving. Yes! That is truly a horrifying situation for all of us. We usually manage most of the work with our phones. Surviving with a problematic phone is definitely very difficult these days.

These phones take care of everyday requirements. But sometimes, they just start showing tantrums. We don’t understand what is the issue with them. We feel helpless!! This is the time we start looking for ‘iPhone repair near me’ on the internet. But sometimes the solution to a phone issue is very easy. We just need to address the problem. Here are 5 common phone problems and the ways you can solve them:

Battery drain:

Look for the apps that consume too much battery. You can check the power consumption of all the apps in settings. If you find any inactive apps that you barely use, just uninstall them. You can limit the background activity of some apps to enhance the battery life. Also, simply turn off some of the features when you don’t need them like GSP, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. Keeping the brightness full can also drain your battery quickly. Maintain a low level of brightness when you don’t need it much.


You should not take overheating lightly. It can affect the performance of your phone. Make a habit of closing the unused apps. Because when you run multiple apps simultaneously, the phone tends to overheat quite easily. Sometimes removing the phone case can also help to combat overheating. The heat sometimes gets trapped in the phone case too. Moreover, try to not expose your phone to direct sunlight.

Slow performance

It becomes a frustrating situation when your phone gets old enough and starts working at the speed of a tortoise’s. You can definitely look out for mobile phone repair shops or you can call Refurbzoo’s expert technicians who offer same day phone repair services.

If the problem is still manageable, then try to clear the accumulated cached data. It will help the phone to perform better. You should keep updating the software to ensure the smooth functioning of the device. If the trouble rises to the next level, you can directly go for a factory reset after backing up your data first. This way, your phone will get back to optimum performance.

Storage issues

If a headache had a face, it would look exactly like a phone with storage issues. It is a real troublemaker for a lot of people.

To manage your storage, spare some time to uninstall some unused apps. Delete the data captured by photos, videos, emails, and documents. It will give you ample spare storage. You can transfer your important data into a laptop or get an SD card if suitable.

Connectivity problems

This temporary problem can occur at very bad timing. You should first try restarting your phone to fix the temporary connectivity problem. You can update the mobile network settings or carrier settings. Or try to forget and reconnect the device to resolve Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity issues.

The bottom line

These are some of the basic problems that can trouble us in our daily lives. You can fix them using simple tricks and techniques. However, don’t wait for the problem to take the shape of a disaster. If you think the situation has slipped out of your hands, you should connect with Refurbzoo, a premium platform for Mobile repair in Dubai. You will not have to go out to get your phone fixed on the same day itself. The doorstep mobile repair service is exactly what you need in an emergency situation. Don’t let your phone and mental health suffer!!